Ugadi Quotes In Telugu :Here Going to share Ugadi Quotes Wishes Images In Telugu You Can Know About Hevalambu Nama Samvatsara Panchagam Asked the people to tie fresh mango leaves to the entrance doors for their well being.Also Ugadi Pachadi is a must for ugadi.It is made of mango, neem flowers ,jaggery,new tamarind.This sauce is a combination of six different tastes which resembles six emotions of life.All these are mixed in water with
little salt and pepper and made as sauce and taken during the festival.Tamarind signifies disgust,neem flowers signifies for sadness,jagerry signifies for happiness,pepper sinifies for anger,salt for fear and mango signifies for surprise.Special dishes are made during th festival which are sweets and also spicy food.

Ugadi Quotes Wishes Images In Telugu hevalambi nama samvatsara panchangam

telugu quotes images ugadi

The sweet is called as Bakshalu in Telangana and bobbatlu in Andhara Pradesh.It is called as obbattu in Karnataka and puran poli in Maharastra.It is made with gram boiled and mixed with jaggery and made into paste.this paste is stufed in the can be topped with ghee or milk.Later people will gather to listen the Panchanga Sravanam.This is the forecast for the entire reading this we will come to know what the year brings will be recited by the priest in the temple.Now in our modren days we can also listen and see the priest reciting on the television also.In the evening wearing new clothes people go to see friend’s and relatives and exchange the greetings of the festival.Also children touch the feet of the elders and seek their blessings.

Ugadi Quotes Wishes Telugu

ugadi  wishes in telugu

10.ఉగాది మనిషి కి ఉత్సాహాన్ని ఇవ్వడం ఖాయం తెలుగు మనసుకు వెలుగుల్ని
పంచడమే ధ్యేయం . ఉగాది శుభాకాంక్షలు .

11.షడ్రుచుల సమ్మేళనం ఉగాది పచ్చడి నవరసాల మిశ్రమం ఈ సంవత్సరం షడ్రుచులలోని తీపి,నవరసాలలో సంతోషం నీకు ఇవ్వాలి ఈ సంవత్సరం శ్రీ హేవిళంబి నమ సంవత్సర ఉగాది శుభాకాంక్షలు

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12. ప్రతి సుమం సుగంధ భరితం ఈ కొత్త సంవత్సరం లో మీకు ప్రతి క్షణం ఆనందభరితం
ఉగాది శుభాకాంక్షలు.

ugadi images telugu
13.ఉప్పొంగిన ఉత్తేజంతో కొత్త సంవత్సరాన్ని స్వాగతిద్దాం అవధులు లేని ఉత్సాహం తో ఉత్సవం చేసుకుందాం ఉగాది శుభాకాంక్షలు

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