Telugu Actor Nikhil about his Marriage

Telugu Actor Nikhil about his Marriage

Before you leap to any findings tor Nikhil is ready to obtain married but continue reading. The actor, who “favors organized marriage to some love fit” is however to zero in on his fantasy woman. ” in truth, I’ll be pleased to subside having a woman my parents select, although I might get my top women in the movies,” gives the 30-year old actor.

The actor had indicated one last desire before he got married although his parents have already been looking to get him committed for some time today. “I assured my parents that I’ll prepare you for the relationship when I get two back-to-back .

In those days, my goal that was only was to concentrate on my profession, I’d mentioned. But, following the launch of Karthikeya Swamy Ra-Ra my parents are telling me of the offer I created. For just one more strike but my parents have been in no feeling to hear I required. They’ve previously began trying to find a woman,” says the actor.

Therefore does Nikhil understand what he wishes in his fantasy woman? “I simply aspire to look for a woman who knows me nicely. They’venot discovered an ideal woman for me personally yet but ideally, from the end-of the entire year, I ought to fulfill with my perfect complement. Our mother could wind up picking out a girl ” says Nikhil.