Telangana TS Engineering Colleges Fee Structure 2016 Increase 19%

Telangana State Engineering Fee incresing up to 19%. telangana engineering colleges admission and Regulation Fee COmmittee (AFRC) Has Fixed the fee structure on the basis of private top colleges balance sheets submitted by the colleges in support of their claims for fee hike which is likely to finalized in the first week of july 2016.  8% to 10% increase in the fee with top colleges crossing the 1 Lakh mark per year

Telangana TS engineering colleges fee structure 2016

ts enigneering colleges fee sturcures

the government has fixed a fee of RS 35000 for 69 colleges are in rs 41000 to 49000 fee it mean 147 colleges are under less than 50k mark. as 46 colleges will be allowed to collect rs 50000 to 59000

Telangana Top Colleges Fee Strucures

CBIT : Old Fee 1,13,300 But Now 2.59 Lakh  TAFRC Fee 1.9 Lakh

Vardhaman College : Old Fee 76,900 Now 1.53 lakhs TAFRC 1.5 Lakh

MGIT College : TAFRC 1Lakh


VNR COllegs : old fee 97500

Sri Nidhi : Old Page 79000 Now 1.54 Lakh TAFRC : 95000

CVSR : 67,700 Now 1 Lakh  TAFRC :  95000

Gokaraju Rangaraju : 75000 now 1.32 TAFRC : 95000

The telangana governement top colleges fee. the government will reiambursment only 35000 for the eligible candidates and who are below 1lakh income for annal income. Telangana TS Engineering Colleges Fee Structure 2016 Increase 19%