Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Specs 6GB RAM 5.8inch Screen

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Specifications & Review Features To Have 6GB Ram

sumsung is not even announced its mothership galaxy s7 yet & already rumours for the note 6 are begaining fly. sumsung galaxy note 6 is not expected to lunch until later in the year . the sumsung galaxy note 6 will reported feature a 5.8 inch “slim RGB AMoLED ” Display. the galaxy 7 edege have a 5.5 inch’s display , display might not Be Enough to Differentiate The Note Lineup Samsung opted for an RGB matrix for the Galaxy S II. but dropped it from later Mothership saying RGB AMOLED displays does not last as long, and it looks like the Diamond PenTile Matrix could be getting replaced once again.

samsung galaxy note 6 smash world records with 6GB RAM. the early rumours come from chines blog weibo. it’s source is not clear so we are taking this with a tweak of slat.  the sumsung will lunch the galaxy note 6 with 6GB RAM of LPDDR4 RAM. the first phone 5GB RAM Lunch samsung note 5 andorid mobile. other specifications of note 6 include 5.8 inch hd display. resolution 2560*1440 HD This should also work with an SPEN featuring 1024 points of sensitivity.

the samsung galaxy note 6 have a 12mp rear camera with “Super OiS plus”. the selfie camera detailes are not mentioned now. storage option including 64GB and 128GB both are high good speed. its will two processer options like Snapdragon or exynos Depending on region

Galaxy note 6 samsung specs detailes


Resolution; 5.8inch 2560*1440

Internal Storages : 64GB

Rear CAM ; 12MP

Selfie Camera : Its not mentioned