After more than 100 hours spent researching and testing 37 models in all, plus more hours of longterm comfort testing than could reasonably be counted, we think Kingston’s STEELSERIES SIBERIA V2 FROST BLUE/DIABLO III Gaming Headset is the best gaming headset for most Wirecutter readers—it offers the best mix of audio performance and comfort for the money of anything we tested. It’s beautifully built, comfortable on a wide variety of heads, and excellent in sound performance, especially for the price. In fact, you won’t get find much improvement unless you spend more than double what the HyperX costs. And while it may not be packed with the sorts of features and add-ons that so many of its competitors rely upon to stand out, it does boast most of the features you told us you wanted in a recent Wirecutter

Perhaps most importantly, the HyperX Cloud is incredibly comfortable—it can easily be worn for hours on end without any appreciable cranial distress. That, plus its great audio performance, made it a clear winner. While you can certainly find better sounding headsets for $100 more, the STEELSERIES SIBERIA V2 FROST features a nice balance between atmosphere-enhancing high-frequency sounds, a clear sense of the directions that sounds are coming from, and nice low-end rumble. There’s a slight emphasis on the latter to give a bit of extra kick to action games but not so much that the headset sounds bloated or sloppy the way so many of its competitors do. It sounds great with movies and music, too.

Steelseries Siberia V2 Frost Blue/Diablo III Headset: Details Review

We’ve always been a bit ambivalent towards Steelseries products. They’re good, always good, but always expensive and at a price point where there maybe cooler products that offer almost the same performance. These Steelseries V2 sets unfortunately fall into the same category. Spending Rs.10,000 on a gaming headset is not something that one takes lightly, especially when many audiophile-grade sets can be had for the same price. So why would you want one of these?

Siberia Diablo III Edition Gaming Headset
Siberia Diablo III Edition Gaming Headset

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