Smita is an Indian pop singer, playback singer and actress known for her works in Telugu cinema, Bollywood, Tamil cinema and Kannada cinema. She was starred in films such as Malliswari (2004), and Dying To Be Me (2015)

Smita’s potential as a singer was identified at a talent show in a Telugu television channel anchored by S.P.Balasubramaniam in 1997. Around this time she started trying for some playback opportunities and she did get to sing a few playback songs. This is when her parents advised her that it was more apt to choose pop singing as a career as she had a style which is more suited for making of a pop artist. “Hairabba” was a result of this decision.

In “SMITA”, racy dance numbers like the first video single “Mahi Ve” which was shot on a huge set where multiple set-ups including a 20 feet wide ‘lotus pool’ was constructed as a part of the set, in which Smita was seated and completed in a matter of only 2 days with a troupe of 8 professional British dancers. This will be followed shortly by the second video ‘Aaja Nachle’, which is a hip-hopish dance number. The album also includes seductive and mischievous tracks like “Ouch” to the soothing romantic ballads “Zara Zara” and “Saawariya”, followed by “Dholna” which showcases Smita’s dexterity across genres and emotions.

Smita’s tribute to team Baahubali – Baha Kilikki

Smita’s tribute to team Baahubali – Baha Kilikki

Rap feat noel sean also featuring ‘kalakeya’ prabhakar

Concept – Deva Katta
Music – Achu
Lyrics – Madhan Karky
Choreography – Bosco
Cinematography – Sameer Reddy
Art – Murali
Edit – Adele Periera

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