Samantha Open Up ABout her marriege with naga chaitanya and relation ship about nagachaitanya and samantha.  samanatha one of the good actress in Sounth indian movies telugu and tamil. recently naga chaitanya and samantha love matters hit in internet.

Samantha told her marriege details and love with naga chaitanya in recently interview


Q1: A string of hits and your latest film, Janatha Garage, is a blockbuster. You’ve silenced your critics :

samantha open up her marriege
samantha open up her marriege

Ans: Though this year has been great for me but still I am sitting and waiting for a good role. With the films like Theri and A Aa, I got to play meaningful roles. I think it has also made me greedy and this is not enough. I need to work more in the films. Initially, it’s about the films and consolidating your position in the industry, but with every passing year, things change

Q2.Two years back you were termed a “flop” actress and today you are number one.samantha-opensup-her-marriege

Ans: This year has been more successful than I could imagine. Now I am perfect that I don’t know what to do next! When I was offered these films, I remember thinking that if these films go according to what I think they would, then it would be the best year of my entire career and that’s what has happened. I am extremely thankful for the place that I am in today. Now I need to figure out what next?
Q3: Looking back, do you regret doing any of the films you’ve done?

Ans: Earlier, a heroine doesn’t get too much of a choice, but in recent times I have had control over the kind of films that I can do and want to do. I don’t regret doing any film because it’s the sum of all those films I did that I am what today. There are few roles which I liked a lot and even audience liked them. Sometimes it’s not about the box office collection but about people telling you how you upped your game in that role.
Q4.There’s a lot of talk about your marriage and you quitting films. So when do we hear wedding bells?

Ans: Yes, Naga Chaitanya and I are in a relationship and the reason we’re not talking about marriage is because even the immediate family would know about the wedding only three months before. So there is still time to talk about the marriage. There is nothing to hide. We have a friendship and relationship as long as my career right from my first film. I’m extremely happy. And no, the wedding is not in 2016.

Q5: Tell us one thing you love about him.

Samantha: Chaitanya is my anchor. He’s the stability in my tumultuous life!

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