One Plus 3 Sales Starts On Flipkart Lessthan Rs 20,000:As if you can visit flipkart website,you can see on home page One plus 3 Smart phone which starts sales below Rs 20,000.The carl pei who is co-founder of One plus 3 mobiles suddenly surprised and tweeted on twitter “How One Plus 3 Mobiles Sale On Flipkart?”.The flipkart company releasing a big Shopping Days Sales on this Sunday.Unfortunately on the flipkart Home Page there is a Banner founded beyond of One plus 3 Sales.

One Plus 3 Smart Phone Mobiles Sales To Be Started On This Sunday..!!

One Plus 3 Mobiles which goes more viral by sales started on from flipkart. but according to Carl Pei,who is the CEO Of One Plus 3 Mobile Phones as mentioned that sales are to be started on Amazon.As the price tag Of amazon has mentioned 27,000 wich sales to be started. but now flipkart going to sales RS 19,000 it means below RS 20,000.Now the Flipkart users are excited to purchase One Plus 3 Mobile phones on this Sunday.

Here You Can See One Plus 3 Sales On Flipkart Home Page

One Plus 3 Sales Starts On Flipkart Lessthan 20,000,one plus 3 mobiles released on flipkart,amazon One Plus 3 Sales Starts On Flipkart Lessthan 20,000

you can observe from the above figure it was clearly mentioned that One Plus 3 Sales On Flipkart Below RS 20,000.just wait for sunday and order your One Plus 3 Mobile Through Flipkart

Watch Video Specifications Of One Plus 3 Mobiles 2017:

From the above video you have observer One plus 3 mobile specifications exclusively,most of gadgets have got review it has equal to Iphone 6. Morethan an iphone it has specifications regarding Ram,internal strorage,battery powerand the price is also less than 20,000 on flipkart and 27,000 on Amazon.

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