Lenovo re-launches MIIX 700 and Yoga 900 with added security

Lenovois ThinkPads are not its only group of business-friendly pcs. At CES, the organization introduced company models of its recently-launched Yoga 900 (which presently rests atop our Greatest 2-in-1 site) 2-in- Miix 700 removable pill and INCH. Both products function manageability features and improved protection that big-business IT departments need..

Lenovo Yoga 900

What exactly makes these compounds prepared for company? Protection, primarily. Both Yoga 900 and Miix 700 Company Models have now been improved with Intel TPM (Trusted Platform Component) which provides them greater protection as it pertains keeping sensitive info and accounts,along side integral security and hashing. Additionally, both versions could be designed with Intel vPro processors (Primary m7 for that Mixx 700, and Primary i7 for that Yoga 900), that ought to assist further improve workplace protection and efficiency.

But that isn’t all. The Company Models program will even include better shows, as well as in the situation of the Yoga 900 Company Version, will even have a display having a much more lively and broader shade variety than standard. For specifications, the Yoga 900 BE could be designed with 512GB of SSD storage as much as 16GB of Memory, along with a high res 3200 x 1800 QHD+ touchscreen, calculating 0.58 and while evaluating only 2.9lbs.

Lenovo Miix 700

Lenovo re-launches MIIX 700 and Yoga 900 with added security
Lenovo re-launches MIIX 700 and Yoga 900 with added security

There was a plus a brand new color-scheme for that Mixx 700 BE, which arrived in a beautiful wine silver. The specifications of the Miix 700 BE really are a a bit less immodest, offering merely an 8GB of a 256GB SSD max along with Memory.

When it comes to shows, while they did appear better in comparison alongside towards the regular variations, to be able to arrived at a certain conclusion we will have to do only a little screening.

Sadly, there is no established term on pricing. Parties will have to request Lenovo to get an estimate, with savings for volume purchases. Both Miix 700 Company Models and the Yoga 900 ought to not be unavailable sometime this Feb.

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