Growing Your Own Survival First Aid Kit

There are a variety of natural herbs, roots, and trees that are extremely helpful for various ailments. Having your very own supply of specific medical natural herbs can heal you, as well as even save your life. The first natural herb I will certainly discuss is cayenne pepper. Did you know that cayenne is very easy to expand, and can be made into a cast? Casts can protect the herb as well as prolong the service life and also a strength for numerous years. If you made casts of your house-grown cayenne, you would have the ability to have a handy source to store in your organic first aid kit.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne is among the most important and also versatile natural herbs. It benefits the circulatory system, digestion, and helps clot wounds, as well as can quit hemorrhaging internally and also on the surface. It can even quit a cardiac arrest underway. The famous natural medical professionals of the very early 1900’s utilized cayenne to deal with heart patients, and also treat a cardiac arrest insulin carrying case. The heart requires nutrition and also cayenne supplies these nutrients for the heart.

Growing Your Own Survival First Aid Kit

The recommended dosage for someone having a cardiac arrest is to take one tsp. of powdered cayenne and mix it into a cup of hot water as well as drink this combination every 15 mins till the attack subsides, and clinical treatment becomes available. The cast can additionally be utilized in hot water the same way. It would certainly be smart to lug cayenne pills or cast where ever you go in instance somebody has cardiovascular disease. Always be prepared. Comfrey is a cell proliferator and also rates healing. It is very easy to expand, just plant in a well-watered area in the sunlight. Quickly you will certainly see the huge fuzzy leaves begin to find up. You can select the fallen leaves directly and wrap on a strain, cut, or injury. I like to make casts out of the root, which I, after that, make into oils and creams.