Comfort Food Recipes for Fun Cooking

We all love to eat the foods we like. We either order food from outside, or get somebody to make them for us. But the real joy & satisfaction of food comes from cooking by ourselves. Our cravings are more for comfort foods like Pies, Burgers, Pizzas, Ice Creams & Noodles. Cooking may seem like a tiring task for many, but in today’s world, everything is made easy with instant ingredients, breads, Pizza bases etc. which are readily available.

The internet is full of comfort food recipes, you name the dish & the internet has it. The beauty with food is that, there is no end to the number of ways in which it can be made. Each different combination gives birth to a new exciting flavor.

Comfort Food

Things to be kept in mind when cooking comfort foods from suggested recipes-

* Before deciding to cook a dish, make sure that the ingredients are easily available where you stay.

*Most of the times, we feel disappointed about the taste not being up to our expectations. This is because we fail to buy the exact ingredients as mentioned. There are different types of butters, cheeses, salts & breads that go well with particular dishes. Give importance to the particulars of the ingredients.

*Be careful when using alternatives for ingredients. The kind of alternative you use can change the taste of the dish to a great extent, sometimes it can turn out well, & at times it can turn out bad. Take suggestions before trying to modify the suggested recipe.

*Also, be attentive with the quantities of ingredients added, especially the salt content. Too much of anything can ruin your dish.

*Get to know how to undo the excessive addition of an ingredient. For example, if there’s too much salt in a dish, by adding pieces of potatoes, the saltiness can be reduced.