How to Dress for an Interview Men or woman

“First Impression is the Last Impression”. This line follows in an interview. The interviewer first judges your personality that how you look and what you are wearing. So it is most important to be well dressed professionally for an interview.

When you are communicating with the interviewer then your appearance, your way of talking, sitting style etc. is noted. Before you speak other person can notice you by your dress and conclusion. So your dressing sense should be good when you are going for an interview. It helps you to complement your credential and give an extra edge with your competent individual. so you have to give more focus on your dressing style.

Following are the guidelines for successful interview dress:

Men and Women both

There should be a two piece suit especially dark. Don’t use funky dark colour which creates bad impression.
Try to wear white long-sleeved shirt/blouse.
Matching neck tie is important. Different shade is not possible.
Professional hairstyle.
There should be clean and trimmed fingernails.
Never use extra perfume or deodorant.
Don’t wear extra ornament like eyebrow ring, nose ring.
There should be empty pocket no bulges and tinkling coin.
Always wear clean and polished shoes/sandals.
Never use gum, candy or cigarette
Only small briefcase and portfolio with you.

For Women

Pant suit should be an excellent choice for women, if you wear pant then it should be well creased but not tight fitting.
You can also wear skirt with shirt.
Polish Shoes with conservative heals.
If you use nail paint then it should be clear and light colour.
Never carry small or big purse always use briefcase.
No wear more than one ring in your single hand.
Keep your makeup simple and sober.
Always wear one set of earring.

For Men

Suit should be of dark colour especially black for men with nice fitting.
Long sleeve shirt should be white or light blue.
Always wear matching silk tie and it should be well iron.
Wear only leather belt which match with your shoes.
Dark socks, conservative leather shoes
If you wear earring in one ear then just remove .it will be safe for you
Neat professional hairstyle.
There should not be beard face, if you are taking beard then it should be well trimmed
After shave should be in limit.
Neatly trimmed nails.
Small briefcase and portfolio with you.

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