Dilkush is Hyderabad best confectionary. The song would remind you of those nostalgic days you played at school , tuition and then at college. It is a life story of a guy explained in 4 mins. Also being , Dilkush is to make someone happy, so does this song. Dilkush song is shot in Roll Rida’s own school and college, to keep it real and help his story elevate properly. Check it out . Another song from the Makers of Patang.


About Roll Rida Dilkush Official Video Tollywood Rapper

Rahul Kumar, who goes by the stage name Roll Rida, is taking the Telugu music world by storm. A Quality Analyst at Tech Mahindra, this 26-year old has been rapping for all the big music directors in T-town.

It all started off during his junior days at CVR College of Engineering, when his seniors ordered him to rap a song everyday, after being impressed by his performance of ‘Papercut’ by Linkin Park.

His first break came when a video of his college band featured in a VH1 show, alongside the likes of Eminem and 50 Cent. He has then worked with music directors like Keeravani, SS Thaman and Anoop Rubens. His biggest project yet has been rapping for Pawan Kalyan in Gopala Gopala, an experience which he describes as “really challenging but also extremely rewarding.” He is the voice behind Akhil Akkineni in Manam, and Jr. NTR in Temper… both of which have become huge hits! Of late, he has sung again for Akhil’s Energy Song and for Chiranjeevi in Bruce Lee!

He also wishes to pursue a solo career; having recently released a single ‘O Pilla’, and a video ‘Kirana Rap‘. We wish the software engineer-rapper all the very best on his future endeavors! Keep rolling, Roll Rida!

Watch And Download DILKUSH Official Music Video ROLL RIDA X KAMRAN

Rap – Roll Rida
Music – Kamran
Direction – Shaan Abdul Wahab
DOP – Abhiraj Nair
Cuts – Ebin M jose
Colorist – Sreejith Nair
Featuring Artist – Madhulatha Reddy, Sunny Naveen, Sai Drifter, Tejaswi Chunchu, Rohith Kesiraju, Abhirann, Monica, Amritha, Domnic Ajay, Sainath Yadav, Deepak Surya, Abhinav, Yashwanth, Srikanth Varma, Rohtih Soma, Javeed, Charles, Venu,.

in Association with T & M studios , D chameleon

Lyrics Of DILKUSH Official Music Video ROLL RIDA X KAMRAN

Hello Everybody
We are back again
Presenting you

De De De thadi
De De De thadi
na peru egg puff
ne peru dilkush
aipodam aipodam aipodam full kush

De De De thadi

Good boy kada, kaadu ga galeez
nekosam aadutha, donga police
out aithe tinipistha noodles chinese
dorikinav donga
abba time please
gudutha poroda, muttuthe naaku
nenante endo telvadu neeku
Stupid – Idiot- no manners, yuck!!
Sorry konchem, English la weak
masthundi pilla , kathila undi
emantav bammardhi, baagundi deedi
gelkindi chaalu, mukkula chei the
chitangle girgilla cheppaku sodhi
cheptha chudu details deendi
pink building, Sai gaadi galli
5’o clock tuition kelthaadi
tuition tarwata, line la padthadi

De De De thadi
De De De thadi
na peru egg puff
ne peru Dilkush
aipodam aipodam aipodam ful kush

ne thammudi shape ameoba
zara side isthe pattaistha
are veedu evvadu kaun kiska
vaani kandala kappa piska
are veedu ekkada dorkindu bumsu
veedni attakundam once
are chetak dimak telsu
are kottichi cheptha thumbs
aali keeli aadi
arey addi guddi paadi
are muddi pilla jaldi
endukante ledu jolly
ne correct match e dakkan
are undu veedi pakkan
neeku kusso petti cheptan
chalo podam bhai excursion

De De De thadi
De De De thadi
na peru egg puff
ne peru Dilkush
aipodam aipodam aipodam ful kush

Pappannam enduku tintav?
neeku chicken tinipistha raa
are uttutta anukunnava??
neeku duniya chupistha ra
Google la panichestha, emanukuntunnav??
inni rojulu cheppale? nuvvu masthugunnav
Lite theesko baby
Chupistha aagu
uko uko uko.. igo Google ko
Ko.. Ko.. Ko.. Ko
arey , ye kya huan kamran miya?
sanditla pettindi sademiyan
pillaku nenu energy huh?
lekunte nenu allergy huh?
Sunday hoya Monday
inne roz khaati andey
I know you will love me one day
mama ekkindi mana bandey

De De De thadi
De De De thadi
na peru egg puff
ne peru Dilkush
aipodam aipodam aipodam ful kush

De De De.. De De De…
Dil Dil Dil kush.. Dil Dil Dil kush..
Chickennnn… Chickennnn…
Chickennnn… Chickennnn…
Egg Puffff… Egg Puff.. Egg Egg Egg Puff
Noodles chineseeeeee…

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