2016 Latest Amazing Tips for healthy hair:-

Who doesn’t want healthy and gorgeous hair. We are sure all of us do. Men and women would like to have thicker and healthier hair. Ever wondered when our hair starts to fall, how much stress we can have. Hair is our crowning glory and indeed we want it to be healthier but your hair needs equal attention and care. With hectic and busy lifestyle there are certain habits or lifestyle related things that may be ruining the natural beauty of your hair, so let’s have a look at the tips for healthy hair.

Amazing and effective tips for healthy hair

1. Sun Protection
It would be the best tips for healthy hair when you protect your hair from the sun damage. Sun rays causes damage to our skin and hair equally. Sun damage causes brittle, rough, dry and splits ends. Make sure when you step out in the sun then you have a hat, scarf etc on the hair or make sure that you do not have all the hair untied. Braids and buns protects the hair from the sun rays. You can also apply some leave in hair serum or conditioners which will maintain the beauty of hair.

2. Hair masks
Hair mask actually helps to do a lot for the hair. Hair mask can deep condition the hair. They also helps to reverse the damage due to sun, minimizes the split ends, roughness and dryness. You can either try homemade hair mask or the readymade store bought hair masks to give some extra pampering to make the hair healthier.

3. Shampooing
Hair cleansing is important as the dust, dirt and product residue that is there on the hair can make the hair dry and life less, therefore always shampoo the hair when the hair is dirty. Most people will shampoo either 2 or 3 times in a week. But this is important that you pick up the right shampoo. Like if your hair is oily try a shampoo for oily hair type and for dry rough hair, try the shampoo which are formulated for rough dry hair. Herbal shampoos are better that the chemical laden products so, choose wisely.

4. Hair conditioning
Just after the shampoo a lot of us will tend to forget to use the conditioner. Hair conditioners are best to give the suppleness and moisture to the hair. So, always use conditioners after the shampoo.

5. Oil massaging
Once a week oil massaging can be highly beneficial. You will be amazed by the texture and smoothness of your hair if your try oil massaging at least once in a week for 2 3- months. Oils give deep nourishment and nutrition. Oils are also responsible for taking away the roughness and dryness. Massaging adds healthy shine therefore the best tips for healthy hair will be to regular oil massage the hair.

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